Verità Coffee Bar :: Best Coffee and Cold Brew | History
History of Verita Coffee Company. Don't think of Jon and Ivy as the owners of this specialty café, but instead as the purveyors of a coffee phenomena.
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You might call Jon and Ivy “Well Traveled” or “Unsettled Wanderers” but in their travels across the continents of the world, they developed a love for specialty coffee. In every hotel room and hostel, they carried with them coffee from different regions to subside this desire for high quality social beverages. Now back in their hometown of Wichita, Ks, and not finding a suitable place to frequent,  they wanted a change.


Out of an organic desire for specialty coffee in the Midwest, Jon and Ivy Jones had a dream to open a coffee shop that they would frequent. They started working day and night to build a coffee experience that would rival even the best Coffee House in the Pacific Northwest.



They made a decision to build their wanted coffee experience on the backs of the Gold Standard in specialty coffee; Fresh roasted single origin coffee, and Slayer Espresso Machines.

From the Founders…

“Wichita deserves a true Specialty Coffee experience. An experience that ensnares the senses, and bewilders non coffee drinkers.”