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It all starts with a small (13-20lb) batch of single origin, single varietal, green coffee bean from various reputable bean growing regions around the world.
Some of the key words that we pay attention to are: Fair Trade, Direct Trade, Single Origin, Microlot, Small farm.
We decided during the early stages in the evolution of our coffee shop that we would only serve single origin coffee.
The reasons include: Quality, flavor, and the desire to have the best of the best coffee in the Midwest.


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 When we chose the roaster that we eventually bought, we weren’t looking  to cut corners or shave a little
off the bottom line by purchasing a machine that can only roast coffee beans. We wanted a roaster that could provide a specialty coffee experience for you, for me, and for everyone.

We looked for quality, high standards, above bar performance, and most importantly a proven track record. Probat Burns has been making coffee roasters for more than 100 years. They occupy the largest share (more  than 30%) of the coffee roasting market, effectively making them the largest and most prominent coffee roaster purveyors in the world.
Roasting coffee beans in house means several things to us. It means that we can increase our quality by A LOT, and then in turn control that overall quality. We can assure our long term stability and marketability in an emerging market.
Essentially, we made a very big statement when we purchased this roaster, we said we’re here to stay.