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Serve Verita Coffee


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We’re honored that you would consider serving our single origin coffees.

Our reputation of roasting and serving top notch single origin coffee has preceded us.

We provide custom wholesale pricing for each and every wholesale customer.











 You'll get amazing coffee

You'll get amazing coffee

At Verita we promise to provide you with excellent coffee. Along with our customized pricing we promise to provide you with the best of the best in third wave single origin coffees that will absolutely increase your quality.

You'll become a coffee expert

You'll become a coffee expert

We’ll give you and your baristas personalized “one on one” training in our coffee lab. Your training as a wholesale customer is our number 1 concern. It’s our job and yours to understand coffee, and the workflow thereof with absolute certainty. You, and your baristas will get as much training as it takes to be able to:

1: Understand and be able to identify the most common aromas coffee has to offer.

2: Identifying flavor profiles.

3: Handling and dispensing third wave coffee/espresso properly.





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